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Google Ad Solution
Monetize your traffic with Google premium ads and rich content as pro

Influencer Marketing
We help you build your customized shop and brand website. Help you grow your
audience at a large scale

Key advantages

You don’t have to work hard on creating videos for your sponsors, 1 min implement, passive income all along.
We provide Coupons, Giveaway and Free trials to your audience for FREE TRIAL, they feel HAPPY and You EARN

You Focus On Creating Great Content, We Help You Earn Nicely

Our Partners

Our Story

September 2014, a bunch of digital passionate geeks gathered together re-innovated the current native ads, which help webmaster increase their eCPM 34% on avg.

2016, we partner with a few great partners such as,, and build our own Native platform.

2017, over one billion native recommendations are delivered to users, on many of the web’s most innovative and highly-visited websites such as Buzzfeed, Timesofindia.

2018, AI powered media distribution system and Anti-fraud traffic detection system roll out.

2019, start own tiktok studio, aim to become leading video media agency.

2020, we monetized mobile traffic over 3 billion impressions montly.


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