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Top H5 Game Ad Exchange Platform

H5 Game Ad Exchange Platform
Self developed ad exchange platform designed for most ads especially for H5 game. Global traffic covering 80% countries

Adbee own more than 200 original H5 games. Most optimized for local users. The ecpm is highly competitive in the industry. Make your traffic monetization more efficient

Programmatic Audience Buying
A fully mobile optimized Ad Exchange, the power of direct buys executed programmatically, targeted to exact audiences

4.Processional Support Team
Dedicated Manager/Tech Support 7x12h

Key advantages

One-Stop advertise&monetize solution for you. Enjoy with our cutting-edge anti-fraud technology. Save 60% of your time and 30%
media cost on Adbee ad exchange platform. Increase your competition from premium advertisement for every impression.

You Focus on Product, We Help You Drive Traffic

Adbee Ad Exchange

Delivering Against the Highest Standards

Adbee Adx is the first and biggest ad exchange focusing on H5game traffic. We have the highest quality programmatic ad marketplace, purposefully built for H5 Game advertisers and supply partners.

Adbee Adx Bidder

Maximize Your Revenue by Real Time Bidding Technology

By connecting to the powerful programmatic Ad Platform – the Adbee Ad Exchange– publishers immediately experience increased competition from premium brands and advertisement including H5 games for every impression.

Adbee Adx Mobile

A Fully Mobile Optimized Ad Exchange

Adbee Adx provides 200+ H5 games sites and network publishers access to the budgets from 500+ advertisers.

Our Partners

Our Story

September 2014, a bunch of digital passionate geeks gathered together re-innovated the current
native ads, which help webmaster increase their eCPM 34% on avg.

2016, we partner with a few great partners such as Baidu.com, 4j.com, and build our own Native

2017, over one billion native recommendations are delivered to users, on many of the web’s most
innovative and highly-visited websites such as Buzzfeed, Timesofindia.

2018, AI powered media distribution system and Anti-fraud traffic detection system roll out.

2019, Start work with H5 game developers and monetize our own H5 games with publishers. Right now we have 200+ trusted h5 game partners.

2021, we monetized mobile traffic over 3 billion impressions montly.

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